Our vision

a business world without barriers for everyone

Our mission

to create a new global industry standard of business connectivity for equitable and sustainable value creation.

Our solution

a global digital matchmaking platform in which every user is linked to a local chamber of commerce, ensuring a safe space where personal support is available at each side of the match

How to join CONNECTS if you are a company?

If your chamber is on CONNECTS you will automatically receive an invitation link to activate your profile and start developing new business opportunities.

You can also sign up for a 3 months trial (offer valid until 30 September 2020) on https://connects.tiao.world/subscription/new_subscription

Why join CONNECTS if you are a chamber?

Internet and social media are radically changing the way companies develop new business opportunities. This is also changing their expectations from chamber membership.

With CONNECTS chambers can help their members identify the right decision-makers for their business. Chambers can use the platform to provide their members with ‘warm’ introductions outside of their own network and support them in building their online reputation, essential to get the right decision-makers to take their “call”.

As a result, CONNECTS helps chambers improve retention of existing members and recruit more new ones.

Join us now and help us create a business world without barriers for everyone

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