2 Barranquilla Chamber of Commerce Members Are Thriving

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Successful Connection for 2 Barranquilla Chamber of Commerce Members

Cossio Porto Films S.A.S. is a company that provides digital marketing solutions. They were recommended by the Barranquilla Chamber of Commerce moderator to Simple Plus.

Simple Plus was looking for a company that develops web pages and design of promotional material.

The two companies soon met and closed an initial deal. Cossio Porto Films will prepare promotional material and in a second phase they will create a corporate identity manual, website, corporate videos and social media plan for Simple Plus.


Cossio Porto Films S.A.S.

Cossio Porto Films, established in 2017, is an Audiovisual Producer and Digital Marketing Agency. Research and support is at the base of the work they do. They create all kinds of videos and digital strategies for their clients.

They are part of the Cámara de Comercio de Barranquilla. Karina Rodriguez Castellanos is the moderator and key contact for the chamber.


Simple Plus

Simple Plus is an IT company that transforms their clients’ businesses by integrating technology solutions and services. Their aim is to help increase productivity and facilitate decision-making. They offer a range of services including:

– business intelligence: applied to logistics, sales, purchases, inventories…

– construction of analysis tools for decision making (dashboards)

– modeling and predictive analysis

– integration of data

– data analysis for e-commerce: profitability, conversion rates, analysis of digital marketing campaigns, productivity indicators

– process consulting for performance measurement (kpi’s)

– training courses and coaching

They transform the data generated by companies into business information so that they can make decisions and measure the performance of their business.

Simple Plus are also part of the Barranquilla Chamber of Commerce


Members of the Barranquilla Chamber of Commerce are doing great business

The Cámara de Comercio de Barranquilla is one of our most active networks, with hundreds of members and opportunities to do business through CONNECTS.

The Barranquilla Chamber of Commerce and the businesspeople that make it up have been the engine of regional progress and are a pool of knowledge for other civic and business institutions 

The activity and energy the Chamber is experiencing today is the result, in part, of a century of hard work. The Camara de Comercio de Barranquilla is now into its second century helping businesses thrive throughout the Caribbean.

If you are doing business in Colombia and you want to grow your professional network, joining the Cámara de Comercio de Barranquilla is a fantastic way of doing so.

It also means you will be able to access members of other Chambers of Commerce throughout the world.

Have a read of the other success stories of members using CONNECTS. 

By working with Chambers of Commerce, our platform allows you to make trusted connections with other like-minded business people. 

Learn more about what CONNECTS can do for your business here or find us on Google Maps. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Business in Colombia is booming with the Camara de Comercio de BarranquillaBarranquilla Chamber of Commerce Members are doing great business online