Belgian Romanian Chamber of Commerce joined be.connected

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Yesterday, on the occasion of the Belgian Week – Healthcare and Homecare in Iasi, Romania, the Belgian Romanian Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the launch of be.connected.

Be.connected is an international matchmaking platform for members of chambers of commerce. BEROCC is officially the 26th chamber of commerce to join our safe and trusted network. From now on, BEROCC members will be able to freely exchange with a network of more than 10.000 members of chambers of commerce across Europe, Africa, Central America, and Canada.

We are delighted to welcome BEROCC on board and are looking forward to reading many success stories from its members. If you are in Romania and would like to join be.connected, please send a message to Koen Vanvinckenroye ( or sign up on and select the Belgo Romanian Chamber of Commerce for your network. Your moderator should validate your membership shortly.

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