CCILB: “trusted business opportunities around the globe with revolutionary tool CONNECTS”

 In New chamber on board

Very proud and delighted that #CONNECTS was introduced and discussed among the 1350 members yesterday at the “rentree économique” organized by the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Luxembourg. CONNECTS was first formally presented by Bernadette Theni, Executive Director of CCILB, followed by a presentation of its main features and added value for every entrepreneur around the globe. “Your global gateway to trusted business opportunities” is what the brand stands for, and Bernadette Theni rightfully highlights that cultural differences and language barrier should not be an issue for successful business opportunities. By joining CONNECTS, the members of the CCILB don’t have to worry about that anymore. The search engine in the digital platform is available in different languages as well as an integrated translating tool. This means that a non-English speaker entrepreneur from Belgium can search for trusted business opportunities and communicate with for example any Colombian entrepreneur without having any hindrance. So, with the correct keywords, you can truly have #BusinessWithoutBarriers for everyone with trust as the core foundation.

On 4th of March, a demo will be given by CCLIB to their members in Libramont. The purpose is to support and guide them in their use of CONNECTS, which is labelled as a “revolutionary tool” both by Le Soir and LaMeuse.

Link LaMeuse and Le Soir

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