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Brussels Enterprises Commerce and Industry (BECI) talks about TIAO developed platform be.connected. This article highlights the most important parts of be.connected: allowing businesses to develop in a safe and trusted environment.  Each company can post opportunities and enjoy three main platform’s values:

TRUST – find trusted contacts around the world matched to their individual needs. be.connected links chambers of commerce in twelve European countries and similar business groups online, so that business can make contact.

EFFICIENCY – be.connected database consists of chambers of commerce and KOMPASS contacts that all together counts more than 11 M. This makes business development easy.

VISIBILITY – each moderator gets a notification of your posted opportunity and helps you to develop your business in their local market. The platform combines advanced technology with personal moderators who have local knowledge.

Try be.connected yourself and experience all three platform’s values stated above! First you get 30days free trial and later it cost only 8,3 EUR per month (100 EUR per year).

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