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More great news to start the week: new features in CONNECTS!

Users can now pin their most attractive opportunities and companies. No need for long search processes anymore. The pinned opportunities and companies are right in your profile menu. Concretely, in two simple clicks, you have an overview of all relevant opportunities and companies for you and your company.

The possibility to search users is also a great new added feature! Users can search for other users by company name, location and even job title. So, if you need to contact instantly all managing directors, COOs or business developers from Chambers of Commerce members, for example in the Flemish Region of Belgium, you can directly do this with CONNECTS.

Because of the increasing amount of users and opportunities created, insignificant opportunities or companies from now on can be classified as “not relevant”. As a consequence, you won’t see that particular opportunity or company in your personal dashboard anymore. The aim is to ensure relevancy for all our users.

Saving the best for last you can also label the status of pinned opportunities from “prospecting” to “closing a deal”. This way, users have a clear overview of the process of all their business opportunities. One could almost say you don’t need a CRM anymore!


Although the CONNECTS platform has progressed a lot since its launch in 2019, there is always room for improvement. As mentioned in the book “Platform Revolution”, written by Geoffrey G. Parker, Marshall Van Alstyne, and Sangeet Paul Choudary, platforms are “transformative” and thus capable of producing impressive results. The concept of openness in a digital platform encourages innovation and if users push the system to unexpected uses, this could motion new directions for the platform to take.

Eventually, platforms grow in openness as they evolve meaning there will always be the necessity for change, progress and development. If you need any help you can always contact us at, or you can always click on “Help” in the header and read our support guidelines.



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