Sandra Kundrotė, CEO of British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania shares the insights on how the Connects platform supports Chamber priorities

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Welcome to our blog section: CEO’s Interview! In this section, we discover why chambers of commerce choose to join COBCOE Connects and be.connected and their visions for the platform. Today we are talking to Sandra Kundrotė from the British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania, one of the first chambers joined the COBCOE Connects.

The British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania currently represents the business interests of over 100 members operating in the services industry with a great potential to add a more vibrant variety of additional business sectors in the nearest future.

“Our priorities for the year ahead are to set up and implement a working strategy to manage commercial business inquiries field from the UK, and be showcased as a valuable and trusted business partner and expert for the UK’s business potential in Lithuania.”

Brexit and its implications is also a priority for Sandra and her members: “We are following Brexit progress carefully and are planning to be a post Brexit knowledge hub for our members and the wider business community”. This will ensure that businesses in Lithuania receive a certain level of support and useful information whenever needed to smoothly continue with their cross border trade activities.

And Sandra is also looking further afield. “We will be exploring how we could raise awareness about opportunities across the Commonwealth. We will help to empower the UK’s knowledge and expertise and also identify opportunities for the Lithuanian market.”

For Sandra the Connects platform is an important tool to support the delivery of her priorities, especially in the commercial business inquiries field. She will also wish to explore how her members can find direct access to new markets via the platform as it grows its global reach.

What directions would you like to see for future support from the platform?

“Keep the focus on both quality and growth”.

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