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Voka, the Flemish Network of Companies, is the largest entrepreneurial network in Flanders. It represents the interests of companies up to the highest level.

It was created in January 2004, when the Flemish Economic Association and the eight regional Chambers of Commerce in Flanders decided to cooperate as part of an alliance.

Today Voka consists of Voka vzw and six Voka Chambers of Commerce. There is also Voka Metropolitan for Flemish companies in Brussels. Voka vzw mainly focuses on positioning, advocacy and project work at the Flemish level, while the Chambers are particularly strong in regional advocacy, networking and a strong support services for companies.

Since 2008, the Chamber has worked closely with 29 sector organizations, which further enhances the employer landscape.

Businesses can become direct members, thus strengthening Voka’s influence as the largest business network in Flanders. Our members are our driving force. Voka is an organization of, for and by Flemish companies. Together we are working on an optimal framework for free and successful entrepreneurship in Flanders.



Wouter de Geest Voka president en CEO of BASF

Currently, Wouter de Geest, CEO of BASF Antwerpen, is Voka’s president. 

Niko Demeester General Secretary of Voka

The General Secretary is Niko Demeester.


About the Voka Chamber of Commerce


Whether you have just started out or have been in business for many years, as a Voka member, you always have someone on your side. Someone who strenuously upholds your interests as an entrepreneur everywhere – not only with local authorities but also at regional, national and European level.


You don’t do business alone. A dynamic and extensive network is essential to stay on the right course as an entrepreneur. Voka broadens your view and your network by organising activities for entrepreneurs and policymakers from the political and academic worlds. As a Voka member, you can also take part in network events, webinars and other learning networks.


The business world changes constantly. This is the reason why Voka keeps you informed of all the new developments, measures and legislation that apply to your business. Need help with a difficult tax file or a permit? Based on up-to-date information as well as the advice of experts, you as an entrepreneur can quickly make the right decisions.

Voka Facts and Figures

How to become a member?

In order to become a member, you just need to fill out a form. A member of the Chamber of Commerce will get in touch with you.


How to do business with Voka?

If you are interested in expanding your business activities through their network, you can join them and take part in their networking events, seminars and conferences.

Or, you can join CONNECTS and have direct access to clients and opportunities worldwide.

Members of the chamber have FREE access to the CONNECTS platform.

If you are not a member yet, you can start your free CONNECTS trial here. 


Key contacts: Get in touch with CONNECTS moderators

Moderators are responsible for specific networks or Chambers of Commerce in the platform. Moderators work directly for the Chambers of Commerce. 

They are there to help entrepreneurs. They can give advice about communications, information on companies or local markets. They can arrange introductions with other entrepreneurs. 

Whatever the need, they will be there to help. All platform users can book a free training with their moderators on “how to use” CONNECTS.

Entrepreneurs can directly contact any moderator from another Chamber of Commerce. This means they have access to local market information and trustworthy contacts from Chambers of Commerce throughout the world.

Here are the moderators for the Voka Chambers:

  • Antwerpen-Waasland – Luc Van Looveren
  • Flanders – Astrid Demeulenaere
  • Limburg – Ward Smits
  • Mechelen-Kempen – Petra Van Bouwelen
  • Oost-Vlaanderen – Jolyn De Baets
  • Vlaams-Brabant – Sophie Berlamont
  • West-Vlaanderen – Daphne Renier

Interested in our networks? Click here to have an overview.

There are plenty of different networks on CONNECTS which you can access as a member, and the list is always growing. Check them out here.

We also have a range of partners whom we are in constant communication with to improve the platform. 

If you’re interested in other Chambers of Commerce in Belgium, read about CCI Wallonie and BECI.



The main Voka offices can be found at 154-158 Rue Royale, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium.

Voka on Google Maps


Interested in making your company grow and prosper? Want to have access to Voka’s network? Join CONNECTS and discover a world of new business opportunities you can trust.

Enjoy our latest offer: free trial for 90 days. This offer includes:

  • The opportunity to connect with all our members
  • Validation by a moderator
  • Access to the companies and member search tool
  • View and create business opportunities
  • Online training on how to use the platform

If you are doing business in Belgium, you might also be interested in reading our article about BECI (the Brussels Chamber of Commerce) and CCI Wallonie (the Walloon Chamber of Commerce) or have a read of our article that gives an overview of the different chambers in Belgium.

Business is all about confidence in the future. At CONNECTS we believe we can only develop strong business relationships through trusted networks. 

We provide entrepreneurs with the best of both worlds, the digital and the personal user experience. The platform is a unique, simple, and effective tool for online B2B matchmaking.

Want to know more about CONNECTS? Find us on Google maps, for more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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